Wow, Look What Obama Said About Migrant Children as Recently as 2014

Democrats are either the biggest hypocrites on the planet, or they are all suffering from short-term memory loss.

We all know already that Barack Obama, like many Democrat leaders, previously held positions on immigration that were pretty similar to those of President Donald Trump, who those same Democrats are now smearing as bigoted for refusing entry to immigrants.

Now, some have claimed that many of those Democrats’ positions, documented in video recorded interviews, have changed. That they were old positions that no longer apply to the current situation.

Ah, but not so.

As recently as 2014, just four years ago, Obama told ABC News that illegal migrants who manage to reach and breach the border “will get sent back.”

Under liberal folk hero Barack Obama, America’s gates were closed to illegal immigrants.

Under our current president, those gates remain closed, yet, somehow, that makes Trump a villain.

Anyone care to explain? Or is this just liberal lunacy?


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