WH Lays Blame For Omar Threats Exactly Where They Belong

During an appearance on CNN, Marc Lotter pushed back against Democrat claims that President Trump, via a tweet, is inciting violence against MN Rep. Omar.

CAMEROTA: “… move on to the issue with Ilhan Omar and President Trump’s tweet that Nancy Pelosi and the congresswoman herself say have upped the amount of death threats that the congresswoman is getting that we’ve seen a spike in the threats against her, and so the capitol police, et cetera are having to expend extra resources to protect her. Does the president know that he’s putting her in danger?”

LOTTER: “Well I don’t think it is the president who is putting her in danger, I think it is her ill thought out words she used to describe the greatest terror attack on the history of United States soil which killed nearly 3,000 Americans. Those are her words. That’s what making the threats. But make no mistake, no Congress person, no American should be threatened and no one is inciting violence. I think what they are doing is showing outrage toward words that should have been better thought out.”

CAMEROTA: “She’s saying since the president’s tweet that what — Nancy Pelosi and the congresswoman and the records could show is that the amount of death threats and calls coming in spiked since the president’s tweet. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say it’s true. Is the president considering taking down the tweet?”

LOTTER: “I’m not aware of the president planning to take down the tweet. It is important the American people realize these are words spoken by leaders of the Democratic Party. In many cases you have democratic leaders and presidential candidates defending those words. So many people are offended by that. This is an attack that killed nearly 3,000 people. To krieb describe it as somebody who did something is disrespectful.”

CAMEROTA: “You heard people say they thought it was anything from inartful to offensive to hurtful. I’m talking about in terms of the threats themselves. Since you’re saying nobody should have their lives threatened regardless of what words they choose, should the president take down the tweet?”

LOTTER: “I’m not going to tell the president what he should or should not do with the Twitter account. It’s appropriate when you have an elected official. Someone standing as a member of Congress saying things that you call out those things when they are appropriate or offensive. We have seen the democratic Party struggle with representative Omar before on her anti-Semitic tropes. This is something the Democrats have failed to hold her accountable for. While no member of Congress should be threatened and no one is inciting that or encouraging it, but it is the appropriate action for elected officials to stand up, call out those comments and ask them to be taken down.”

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