The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods Doesn’t Understand How Capitalism Works


Having joined the crusade against AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles that have been dubbed with the nebulous term “assault weapons,” the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods revealed that not only did the chain stop selling those rifles, they did their bit to help keep them off the street by destroying roughly $5 million worth of inventory.

This should definitely make a lot of Americans think long and hard. I refer, of course, to the stockholders of Dick’s Sporting Goods, who seem to have a CEO who doesn’t understand how market capitalism works.

He’s not only driving customers to competing stores that don’t limit their inventory and insult their customers by suggesting they might be wannabe mass shooters, he also admits to destroying $5 million worth of inventory.

And to what end?

Did the makers stop making rifles, or like every other manufacturer on Earth, do they follow the credo expressed by Jay Leno in Doritos commercials: “Go ahead, we’ll make more”?

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On a related note, the latest FBI stats show not only that so-called “assault rifles” continue to account for only a tiny fraction of all gun deaths, just as they have for years, but that violent crime is down under President Trump.

The standard Demmedia (that’s Democrats/media, all the same thing so might as well abbreviate it) response is to claim that violent crime has been going down since the 1990s.

This is almost true — except that it did go up in the last two years of Obama, but has since started falling again under Trump, which the media have given him zero credit for.

As John Hinderaker at the Powerline blog notes, the only obvious difference was that in the last two years of Obama, we saw the rise of divisive, anti-police rhetoric that’s since been ended at the top.

Do you think Dick’s made the wrong decision?

Of course, there could be one other factor to that drop in violent crime: since Democrats started openly talking about taking away our guns, there’s been a big jump in the number of concealed carry permit holders, up by 1.4 million just since last August.

And as for the “progressive” left that claims it wants to protect women and minorities, and also to make us safer by taking away our guns, guess which two groups are mostly responsible for the big increase in concealed carry permits?

I guess women and African-Americans decided it was a bad bet to rely on “Beto” O’Rourke to come swooping in like a superhero (“Look! It’s Flailing Arm Man!”) if they were menaced by a violent criminal, mass shooter or criminal illegal alien released back onto the street by some liberal Democratic mayor.

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