Taliban Statement Implies a Terroristic Attacks Threat After Cancelled Camp David Meeting

President Trump canceled a secret meeting with the Taliban on peace talks in Afghanistan after the Taliban took credit for a bombing in Kabul that killed 11 civilians and one US serviceman. Democrats have seized on that cancellation to bash the president for not capitulating to the terrorists in a move known as “leading from behind.” Leading from the front has become regarded as a crime in post-Obama era.

Now, the Taliban has sent what appears to be a threat of terrorism to the United States. Maybe they haven’t heard Obama is no longer president and threats from terrorists no longer shape our policy to mollify them.

From The Gateway Pundit

A terror researcher posted that a Taliban statement issued Sunday appeared to threaten terror attacks on the U.S. after President Trump announced the abrupt cancellation of secret peace talks to be held at Camp David with leaders of the Taliban and Afghanistan government.

“BREAKING Taliban/IEA spreads a statement on Trump’s tweets affirming, by the way, “now that Trump has cancelled talks with Islamic Emirate, many terrorists will reach US and US credibility will be damaged””

However, this tweet by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid contains a link to the statement on a hosting site that, when put through Google Translate Pashto-to-English ,has the following passage that jibes with the researcher’s translation:

“Now that US President Trump has announced a delay in the negotiations with the Islamic Emirate, it will bring terrorists a lot of damage to the United States, damaging its credibility, making its anti-peace stance even more visible to the world…?

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