Reporter Asks O’Rourke ‘If You Can’t Win Texas, How Can You Win White House?’

On Tuesday a reporter asked 2020 Democratic candidate for President Robert “Beto” O’Rourke why he thinks he can win the White House when he couldn’t even win in Texas.

O’Rourke’s answer is as twisted as his logic. Take a look at this:

REPORTER: “If you can’t win in Texas, how do you win the White House?”

O’ROURKE: “Yeah. We’ve got to be part of an extraordinary campaign in Texas, winning more votes than any candidate for Senate on the Democratic Party in the history of the state, helping members of Congress win their elections, Democrats and otherwise safe red seats, helping 17 African-American women win judicial positions of power in Harris County and in Houston, Texas. So I think I saw when you go to every county show up for everyone. You’re able to attract Republican voters, independent voters, as well as expand the number of Democrats who come out.”

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