PANICKING: Joe Biden Calls For Trump’s Impeachment [VIDEO]

On Wednesday, 2020 presidential hopeful former vice president Joe Biden (D-DE) called for President Donald Trump to be impeached.  Shocker!  He was speaking at a town hall in Rochester, NH.


Biden said, “With his words and his actions, President Trump has indicted himself by obstructing justice, refusing to comply with the congressional inquiry. He’s also convicted himself in full view of the world and the American people, Donald Trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation and committed impeachable acts.”

Isn’t that interfering in the 2020 election?

Trump has done no such thing.  Only in the minds of corrupt Democrats, which at this point seems to be most if not all of them.  It all boils down Democrats to one thing; Democrats have never gotten over Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Everything they have been doing ever since has been to overturn that election.

The Obama administration was the most corrupt administration we have seen in our lifetime, and President Obama had the gall to claim they had no scandals.

Biden went on, “You know to preserve our constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity. He should be impeached. That’s not only because of what he’s done. To answer whether he’s committed acts sufficient to warrant impeachment is obvious. We see it in Trump’s own words. We see it in the texts from state department officials that have been made public. We see it in his pulling much of the United States government into his corrupt schemes, individuals within the government, his appointees. But we have to remember that impeachment isn’t only about what the president’s done. It’s about the threat the president poses to the nation if allowed to remain in office. One thing about this president is absolutely clear, and I don’t think anyone can contradict this, he has seen no limits to his power regardless of what the Constitution says.”

He added, “He believes the entire United States government can be corrupted into furthering his personal political needs. He’s even willing to hold Congress and congressionally appropriated aid to a foreign nation hostage to his personal political demands. He believes if he does something, it’s legal, period. And perhaps most importantly, he believes there is nothing we can do about it. He believes he can and will get away with anything he does. We all laughed when he said he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it. It’s no joke. He’s shooting holes in the Constitution, and we can not let him get away with it.”

Joe Biden is terrified that the truth is coming out about his corruption in Ukraine and China.  Behind the scenes there is something going on that Biden and the Democrats know about.  The Inspector General and US Attorney John Durham’s reports are coming out and they will expose all of the corruption of the Obama administration during the 2016 election where they applied pressure to foreign countries to interfere in the election to help Hillary Clinton by spying on the Trump campaign.  The Obama administration used foreign spies to circumvent US laws against spying on American citizens.

The Obama/Biden administration’s corruption is an explosive story that will rock the country, but it has to be exposed.  The truth must see the light of day, otherwise we will never have faith in our government institutions again.

Joe Biden’s outbursts will get louder and more outrageous as more and more evidence piles up against him.

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