Newsweek Says We Need Trump To Win In 2020, Resistance Has Tantrum

Newsweek has been an opponent of President Donald Trump from the start but now it appears the magazine is supporting him.

In a story published on Friday, Newsweek said that America needs President Trump to win again in 2020 against the Democrats.

No President in history has taken a bigger financial hit by occupying the Oval Office than Donald J. Trump.

The cost to him personally, and to his company in general, is astonishing and amounts to hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in lost opportunities both at home and abroad; all of which is down to self-imposed regulation.

And remember, he doesn’t even take a salary.

But he does it willingly and happily, because he wants to be the man who gets America back on track. He knows he can make a difference and he knows he can get things done. That’s why he gave up his seat in Trump Tower and that’s why the people of America put him in the White House…

Donald Trump is not your regular politician, everyone knows that. But the level of opprobrium heaped upon him is astonishing despite that personal sacrifice. It bounces off him, of course, because he’s a street fighter in the purest sense and brings with him a level of ferocity that the political world just can’t fathom.

Terrorism, rocketing illegal immigration, economic conflict with China and others: these are the existential issues that leave America in a perilous position in a very dangerous world. Globalism is under attack on every continent as a consequence, and it’s about time that the United States had a president that put the nation first. This is what these times demand and this man has our back.

Is Trump going to win in 2020?

Few people know how capable he is in these situations, but we do. I have worked alongside him, day in, day out, for more than a dozen years and my co-author, Damian Bates, has known him for over a decade, too, reporting on his business dealings.

I remember well the day I was sitting in the Oval Office and he was berating all those so-called biographers and experts who spent little more than 30 minutes with him and then claimed to know him intimately. I chimed in, half in jest, that maybe I should write a book on him, and he said: “Yeah, I think that’s a great idea; you can be my biographer!” And so, The Real Deal was born.

The Resistance did not like the fact that a magazine had been on their side has now said what is apparent, the president is doing a fantastic job.

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