New York Post Hilariously Published the Obituary of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Campaign Death

Do you know of anyone who jumped up and down, shouting, “YEAH!  We need some more Bill de Blasio here!” during his pathetic 2020 campaign?  He’s the first candidate running for president currently holding an elected office where his constituents overall hate him in the only city he could get elected Mayor.  Well, at least that’s a first, so GO BILL!

New Yorkers are upset, because after they got used to hoping his run would be a way for them to finally get rid of him, he finally put an end to his vanity campaign, and and in a hilarious move, the New York Post honored the death of his campaign with an apt tribute on their front page.

The obituary reads:

Bill de Blasio’s presidential campaign, May 15, 2019-Sept. 20, 2019, dead of ego-induced psychosis. Neighbors said the body had been in rigor mortis for some time.

It died doing what it loved best — being as far away from New York City as possible. It was surrounded in the end by friends, MSNBC hosts. It’s in a better place now– a Park Slope gym.

Whether it was in the empty churches of south Carolina, the sun-kissed empty deserts of Nevada, or begging someone, anyone, to talk to de Blasio at the Iowa State Fair, the campaign always gave 100% — and always polled at 1%. “Can’t” was never part of its vocabulary. Neither was “won’t,” “please stop,” or “this is a dumb idea.”

The campaign is survived by hotel industry officials who expect favors from City Hall. And 8 million suffering New Yorkers.

In lieu of flowers, de Blasio asks for donations to his slush fund.

YIKES!  That has to sting.  You can only feel sorry for the guy in that he now has to go back to NYC to attempt to govern, knowing that everyone hates him.  You can feel sorry for him, but I don’t.  I feel sorry for the people of NYC who have to suffer from the insufferable Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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