Nancy Pelosi Beclowns Herself Defending Ilhan Omar

During an interview Tuesday whit CNN’s Christine Amanpour, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi beclowned herself trying to defend Rep. Ilhan Omar from accusations of anti-Semitism.

Pelosi stumbles and weaves in a futile attempt to deny Rep Omar’s very own words.

Pelosi through her own words and actions now owns whatever Omar say or does today and in the future. The Democrat party has truly become the part of hate.

AMANPOUR: “I just want to move again to the anti-Semitism route, because it’s not just happening in the U.K. and Labor Party but it’s happening actually in the United States right now. Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has come under fierce criticism, including from within your own party but certainly from the Republican Party.

The president has tweeted against her suggesting that, you know, that some sort of linkage with this video he’s tweeted about the towers and what she said about 9/11. Are you concerned for her wellbeing, first and foremost?”

PELOSI: “Of course.”

AMANPOUR: “You asked for more security around her.”

PELOSI: “Yes, but I don’t think that the congresswoman is anti-Semitic. I — I wouldn’t even put those in the same category. I think the president —“

AMANPOUR: “But she’s being accused of it.”

PELOSI: “Well, she’s being accused of it, but I — I’m — I criticized the president for using film of — video of 9/11 as a political tool. I think he was wrong to do that, but to enlarge the issue back to anti-Semitism as — as the premise of your question, for a long time now I have said to our people that we’ve sent to these meetings whether it’s the NATO inter-parliamentary group, this group or that group, there are all kinds of places where parliamentarians come together whether bilaterally or multilaterally.

And I always said, you know, you — you go there and use your judgment, you know the values of our caucus, but one guidance I give everyone is that I want you to say when you’re there that we are concerned about anti-Semitism raising its head all over, including in our own country, but some of this pre-dates it raising its head in our country in a recent way.

And so — so this is nothing new for us. So when we met the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn we said we have concerns about how the Labor Party is perceived in terms of anti-Semitism.”

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