MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Humiliates Swalwell, Catches Him In Lie

MSNBC host Chris Matthews did something he rarely does and that is to take apart a Democrat politician on live television.

Former presidential candidate and California Rep. Eric Swalwell, who got out of the race this week, appeared on his show on Wednesday.

“Do you still think that Joe Biden is too old to be president?” Matthews asked Swalwell to which he responded “No, it’s never about age.”

But that is a bold faced lie and, to his credit, Matthews called him on it. “No, you said it’s time to pass the torch in the debates,” he said.

“Right. And someone could be new on the scene that is an older American. It was about having a next generation of leadership and making sure that these issues that we’re facing right now on gun violence, on student loan debt,” Swalwell said.

The statement makes now sense. Former Vice President Joe Biden is not anywhere near new on the scene and how is a 76-year-old man a new generation?

“Yeah, but you said it’s time for a generational change. You said it’s time to pass the torch. You were talking directly to the former vice president. Why are you changing your tune now?” Matthews said.

“I’m saying it’s time to pass the torch to people who have not been around for decades working on these issues.

“I am of a generation that has lived with failure to act on a lot of these issues, and we want to step up and lead right now.

Is Swalwell a liar?

“But look, Joe Biden can beat Donald Trump. Kamala Harris can beat Donald Trump. Elizabeth Warren can beat Donald Trump.

“We’ve got a lot of talented folks. It’s nice to be citizens sitting on the couch with my 2-year-old son and my 8-month-old daughter and watching this play out,” he said.

Yeah, he wanted to be home sitting on the couch and not in the race. It had nothing to do with him polling at less than one percent.

“But you said he had to pass the torch. I don’t get you on this. Explain to me the difference between pass the torch to a younger generation and saying he is too old. What’s the difference between those two statements?” Matthews said.

“I just happen to believe and my candidacy was rooted in that passing the torch to the generation that’s going inaction on climate, that is going to have to live on the quicksand of student loan debt that people are on and the fear that people have sending their kids to school and fearing gun violence.

“We’re living these issues, and maybe perhaps we should be leading on it and being on the stage with Donald Trump,” Swalwell said.

At the end of the segment Matthews mocked him and said “you threw the long ball and it was intercepted tonight.”

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