John Brennan Caught in Another Major Lie

John Brennan claims that he didn’t know anything about the Russian collusion hoax until he was out of office. Yeah, and Bill Clinton never had sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. John Brennan is believed to be the mastermind behind the Russian collusion hoax. He now says that he was not aware of this until after he left office. Unfortunately for him, there is a paper trail that indicates he is lying through his teeth.

In a recent interview with Rachel Maddow, Brennan said:

So many things I learned since I left office because of what has appeared in the press.You know, the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr. and others. And also when I was CIA director, I didn’t know that it was the day that Mr. Trump basically gave a public call to the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, that it was in fact the same day that the GRU was actively looking for it (“it” being the emails) [source].

But Brennan previously testified that he talked about the dirt on Hillary with James Comey and Mike Rogers:

Well, first, I knew that it was a very intense Russian effort to interfere in the election, number one. Number two, I am well aware and have a lot of experience in observing what the Russians will do to try to suborn American citizens, to get American citizens to work for them. And this was a very intensive effort. And, so, as I said in my op-ed, myself and Jim Comey and Mike Rogers at the NSA, we talked about the importance of making sure that our radar, our collection radar was up so that we had early indications – or be able to uncover – any effort on the part of the Russians to work with American citizens. 

The American citizens were reaching out to the Russians, as well, to see what they could get, see if they could [get] any dirt on Hillary Clinton.  So, my radar was going because I knew the Russians were engaged in this effort and I was aware of contacts with American citizens  – that may have been totally innocent on the American citizens’ part and maybe they weren’t abetting at all.

Soon, Michael Horowitz’s written report will be out, and we may learn a whole lot about what Brennan knew and when he knew it as well as what actions he was taking in the coup attempt against Donald Trump.

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