Giuliani, Fox News Host In Raucous Fight Over Biden ‘How Distorted Is Your Coverage?!’

The attorney for President Donald Trump and former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani is in fight mode with the press.

And days after he had a fight for the ages with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo he took his fight to Fox News Sunday.

Fox News host John Roberts was in for the usual host Chris Wallace and he did his best impression of the controversial anti-President Trump host,” The Washington Examiner reported.

Rudy Giuliani sparred with Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts as he questioned the former mayor about his interactions with the Ukrainian government.

Addressing Giuliani’s recent fiery interview with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Fox News Sunday guest host Roberts played the clip for Giuliani, in which the president’s attorney said he did not request Ukrainian officials to investigate Hunter Biden, only to state the opposite moments later.

“It doesn’t matter, I clarified immediately,” Guiliani said after the clip. Giuliani spent much of the interview attacking the coverage of the whistleblower complaint about Trump, and focused on Biden’s alleged role in a “cover up.”

“When did this morph into an investigation of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden?” the host said to Giuliani.

“Is it appropriate for you as a representative of the president to be going to Ukraine and finding dirt on Joe Biden and/or his son to use politically in 2020?” he said.

Is Fox News becoming biased?

“That’s the way you characterize it,” Giuliani said to the host who appeared to have an agenda against him.

“That is the way it appears to line up,” Roberts said to Giuliani who was beginning to get furious with him.

“No it doesn’t,” the former mayor said. “That’s how the pro-Biden media lines it up.”

“This is really unfair. These are very important things that have been covered up for years to protect slimy Joe,” Giuliani said.

“The reality is that there are three of the prosecutors were all you have to do is go online. Three others that say that this is done precisely to get rid of Biden, to cover up hunter and to cover up sorrows.

“One of them is Constantine — the third one is a prosecutor — three of them were officials, one is still an official.

“If you bothered to look you can listen to them on tape telling you that. They may all be lying but he may be lying also, but it’s three to one,” he said.

Roberts continued to attempt to interrupt Giuliani but he fought back and would not be bullied by the host.

“There was an article on December 9, 2015 in The New York Times raising holy hell about Biden’s son being on the board of the most corrupt company in Ukraine and how strange it looked.

“I don’t know if Joe reads the newspapers but someone must have read that to him and finally, if Joe didn’t know what his son was doing abroad how many conflicts are there? This guy was flying blind. Did he get money from Russia? Did he get money from Cuba?

“You’re telling me that the vice president of the United States was there for eight years. Taking the lives of some adversary of the United States.

“This is about the only time I got to point out a tremendously large scandal that affects the American people and it’s your job to do it, not just mine. I’m doing it to defend my client,” he said.

“If you’re telling me that he had no system with his son to check on conflicts — so we know of two. We know there’s a big conflict with Ukraine.

“We have a big conflict with China. Since Joe says and is apparently selling the swamp media on the fact that he didn’t know, Joe, how many more conflicts are there? Venezuela, Cuba — And this is going to get bigger and bigger and everything I say I can prove,” he said.

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