Democrats Now Believe There Is A Fake Melania Trump

Democrats have officially gone insane as one of the top trends on Twitter on Saturday is #FakeMelania.

These people believe that President Donald Trump is travelling with a stand in for his wife, Bustle reported.

The theory that First Lady Melania Trump had a body double, which she would sometimes send out to stand in for her at various events and photo ops, appears to have first surfaced in 2017 thanks to a man named Joe Vargas. According to Vox, Vargas was the first person to ever question Melania’s “realness,” if you will.

“This is not Melania,” Vargas tweeted in response to video footage of the president and first lady at a Secret Service training facility in October 2017. “To think they would go this far & try & make us think its her on TV is mind blowing. Makes me wonder what else is a lie.” Vargas would go on to compare pictures of the “real Melania” to those of the apparent “fake Melania.”

The Fake Melania movement has continued to persist since then, thanks in part to merchandise available for purchase on Amazon and Twitter’s inability to ever let anything truly die. In fact, footage of Trump and Melania paying their respects Friday at dozens of memorial crosses erected for the 23 people killed in a series of deadly tornadoes that ripped through Alabama earlier in the week reignited debate over whether it is or isn’t Melania.

For some Fake Melania jokesters, it was the fact that President Trump had successfully managed to hold hands with the first lady that tipped them off to the body double. Melania (that’s the “real Melania” for all you Fake Melania truthers out there) has, on more than one occasion, rejected her husband’s attempts to hold hands.

Others were more entertained by speculating as to who “fake Melania” might really be underneath her dark, oversized sunglasses. Is it a Secret Service agent that happens to have a similar haircut? Or could it be Russian President Vladimir Putin under those shades?

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