Democrats Announce Ridiculous Plan to Make Fools of Themselves on Thursday

Democrats have announced a plan to make complete and total fools of themselves on Thursday by staging a marathon public reading of the Mueller report.

Not only is this stupid, it shows how little Democrats care about working to improve the lives of the average American. The Mueller report shows the President did nothign wrong and it’s time for Democrats to move on.

“This report illustrates a presidency founded in opportunism, devoid of respect for public service and the rule of law,” Representative Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania, vice chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee and a leader of the reading effort, said in a statement. “This administration and its enablers do not want the American people hear the contents of this report” according to Billy House at Bloomberg.

Bloomberg further reports that 20 Democrats plan to take part, reading in shifts. They plan to gather at noon in the House Rules Committee meeting room where the reading will start with the first page and continue until all 400+ pages have been read.

Do you think the American people will be breathlessly tuning in, or ignoring the Democrats completely? 

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