Bernie Fans Explode After NBC Calls Them Clueless Voters

A new poll from NBC News program “Meet The Press” reveals that the less knowledgeable someone is the more they like Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The poll showed that voters who are less inclined to pay attention to politics the more likely they are to support Sanders and his policies.

“Poll shows the less you pay attention, the more likely you are to support Sanders #MTP #IfitsSunday,” it said.

“We’ve had a couple of recent polls. And there’s one undeniable trend. Bernie Sanders seems to be getting squeezed from two sides,” host Chuck Todd said.

“Joe Biden’s got in, his numbers grew. Bernie Sanders’ got lower. And Elizabeth Warren has been growing. And in some ways, Yamiche, what was interesting, I think it was in the Monmouth Poll, the less you were paying attention the more likely you were a Bernie Sanders supporter.

“The point being Biden took a bunch of soft supporters. Warren with, ‘I have a plan for that,’ is starting to get traction.

“Bernie seems to be a candidate all of a sudden trying to figure out how to get traction again,” the host said.

Are Bernie fans low information voters?

“Well, this is the dilemma of 2020 because Bernie Sanders in 2016 was the flagship progressive candidate,” journalist Yamiche Alcindor.

“If you liked Warren, if you liked other people you really found your candidate in Bernie Sanders. Now you have Elizabeth Warren and other people talking about the same kind of legislation, same policies.

“I was talking to someone from the Warren campaign today. They wouldn’t comment on polls, but they made a point to say, first of all, she’s been to 18 states plus Puerto Rico.

“She’s also someone who’s held 81 town halls. That person was basically making the case, look, she’s doing just as much as him.

“And I was thinking about how Senator Warren has been setting herself apart. Apart from being the first candidate to talk about impeaching the president she also decided not to go on Fox News and hold that town hall.

“And I asked that campaign person, ‘Well, tell me a little bit more about that decision.’ They pointed me to the thread and said, look, she was not, she didn’t mince any words with Fox News.

“She said, ‘They’re a hate-filled, propaganda network.’ As a result she’s basically saying, ‘This is the camp that I’m going to be in.’ Obviously Bernie Sanders said, ‘I want to go after those voters,’” she said.

“And then, of course, you have Joe Biden who is, who is already trying to claim that he’s the most progressive candidate.

“That’s, of course, going to be pushed back, pushed backed on. But there’s this idea that Bernie Sanders isn’t the hot, new kid anymore,” she said.

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