Anti Semite Omar Retweets Al Jazeera Host To Mock Meghan McCain, American Military

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, a noted and unabashed anti-Semite, is now going after Meghan McCain and American military intervention in the Middle East, proving that she has not learned her lesson.

House Democrats had initially crafted a measure to denounce antisemitism, a direct response to more anti-Jewish comments by Omar.

But after days of haggling and infighting House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi ultimately caved and crafted a broad anti-hate measure, Fox news reported.

The final vote was 407 to 23, with 23 Republicans voting no, and all Democrats, including Omar, voting yes. Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King, who faced his own bipartisan blowback for comments purportedly defending white nationalists, voted present.

The final draft of the resolution was expanded Thursday afternoon to condemn virtually all forms of bigotry, including white supremacy, in what Republicans characterized as a cynical ploy to distract from Omar’s remarks. Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, speaking on the House floor to announce that he would vote against the resolution, remarked, “Now [the resolution] condemns just about everything. … Hatred for Israel is a special kind of hatred. It should never be watered down.”

Gohmert was joined in voting down the resolution by House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney, as well as Reps. Lee Zeldin, Andy Biggs, Ken Buck, Michael Conaway, Chris Collins, Mike Rogers, Paul Gosar, Pete King, Rick Crawford, Ted Budd, Ted Yoho, Chip Roy, Dan Meuser, Jeff Duncan, Thomas Massie, Doug LaMalfa, Tom Graves, Steve Palazzo, Greg Steube, Mo Brooks, Mark Walker, and Michael Burgess.

“Today’s resolution vote was a sham put forward by Democrats to avoid condemning one of their own and denouncing vile anti-Semitism,” Cheney said in a statement. “While I stand whole heartedly against discrimination outlined in this resolution, the language before the House today did not address the issue that is front and center.”

Cheney called Thursday “a sad day for the House” and called for Omar’s removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, just as Republicans stripped King of his committee assignments in January. (The House did not specifically name King in a bipartisan disapproval measure that followed his comments on white nationalism.)

Should Omar be removed from Congress?

Before the vote was cast “The View” host, and daughter of late Sen. John McCain, Meghan McCain, was emotional and crying as she discussed Omar’s comments, The New York Post reported.

“With the rise of anti-Semitism in this country, is it more important to defend party politics, or is it more important to defend anti-Semitism?” said, referring to the Minnesota Democrat.

“We can have conversations all day long about how you feel about Palestinian politics, Israeli politics, how you feel about (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu. … I just present this question, which may be an uncomfortable one: If what Ilhan Omar has been saying for the past few weeks were said by a white Republican male, how would you be reacting to it right now?”

McCain later choked up when she mentioned former Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman and his wife, Hadassah, who is an Orthodox Jew, calling the couple her “family.”

“On both sides it should be called out,” she said about hate crimes in the US.

“And just because I don’t technically have Jewish family that are blood-related to me doesn’t mean that I don’t take this as seriously, and it is very dangerous, very dangerous. … What Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me,” she said.

“And it’s very scary to a lot of people, and I don’t think you have to be Jewish to recognize that.”

And Omar responded to that criticism by retweeting a tweet from an Al Jazeera host that took aim at Sen. McCain.

“Meghan’s late father literally sang ‘bomb bomb bomb Iran’ and insisted on referring to his Vietnamese captors as ‘gooks’. He also, lest we forget, gave the world Sarah Palin.

“So a little less faux outrage over a former refugee-turned-freshman-representative pls,” Al Jazeera host Mehdi Hasan said.

Yeah she really learned her lesson.

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